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4 Advantages of Having Rollaway Beds in Hotels

Jan 23, 2024 | Blog | 0 comments

One of the key goals of any hotel manager is ensuring that all guests have an enjoyable, comfortable stay at their hotel. One way to achieve this is by providing rollaway beds in the hotel rooms. Rollaway beds are versatile, easy-to-move furniture pieces that alleviate the problem of limited space in hotel rooms. Read on to discover four advantages of having rollaway beds in hotels.

Increased Room Capacity

When guests travel as a family or in a group, having a single room to accommodate everyone is often convenient. However, finding a room that comfortably fits the required number of people can be difficult. Rollaway beds provide a simple and affordable solution to this problem by increasing room capacity. This makes it easier for families with young children or larger parties on a budget to comfortably stay at your property, ensuring superior satisfaction and potentially a repeat client.

Comfortable and Durable

Quality rollaway beds are designed with top-notch materials that ensure a good night’s sleep. The mattresses often have high-density foam or innerspring systems that provide optimal support and comfort. This reduces the likelihood of guests waking up with back pain or discomfort, a common concern with temporary bedding solutions.

Moreover, the robust construction of rollaway beds adds to their longevity. They are designed to withstand frequent use and transportation without compromising their structure or comfort level. This is a significant advantage for hotels as it means they can use the same rollaway beds for years without needing to replace them frequently.

Cost Effective for Guests andthe Hotel

Rollaway beds are a win-win solution for both guests and hotels when it comes to cost-effectiveness. For guests, particularly those traveling on a budget or in larger groups, rollaway beds provide an affordable alternative to booking multiple rooms or larger suites.

On the hotel’s side, rollaway beds offer flexibility in accommodating varying guest needs without making major changes to the room layout or investing in additional furniture. This means hotels can adapt to different occupancy requirements without incurring substantial costs. Furthermore, rollaway beds are a one-time investment that can serve many guests over the years, making them an economically sound choice for hotels.

Increased Revenue

During peak travel seasons, when room demand is high, hotels can offer rollaway beds for a small additional fee. This not only provides a solution for guests looking for extra sleeping space but also brings in additional income for the hotel. It’s a relatively small add-on that can significantly boost revenue, especially during high occupancy periods.

Moreover, it can enhance customer satisfaction as guests appreciate the flexibility and convenience the rollaway beds offer. This increased satisfaction could potentially lead to repeat bookings, further boosting the hotel’s revenue over time.

As you can see, there are many key advantages of having hotel rollaway beds.Investing in quality rollaway beds is an excellent way to enhance guest satisfaction, increase room flexibility, save costs, and boost revenue. At Hotel Warehouse, we offer a wide selection of top-quality rollaway beds designed with comfort, durability, and cost-effectiveness in mind. Browse our selection today and discover how rollaway beds could be the perfect addition to your hotel offerings.


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