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A Hotelier’s Guide to Selecting the Right Trash Bins

Apr 18, 2023 | Blog | 0 comments

Hotels can enhance their properties by providing easy-access waste receptacles that look great!

The average guest can determine how they feel about the hotel they are visiting from the moment they walk through the door. As soon as a guest enters your property, they will begin to look for indicators that your hotel is a clean and appealing place to stay. First impressions can only be made once, so it is important to send the right message.

Although there are many ways that hoteliers can impress guests when they arrive, there is one quiet yet essential option that should always be considered—choosing the right hotel trash bins. In this article, we will discuss how hoteliers can choose the right waste receptacles for different parts of their hotel’s property.

Factors to Consider When Choosing the Right Hotel Trash Bins

Most hoteliers will focus on clear design elements, like lighting or furniture. While these are very important features, hotel garbage cans are also an element of high importance on the property. You can gauge the eligibility of waste receptacles for your hotel’s needs based on three essential features—design, durability, and size.


A hotel trash bin is not often considered a glamorous feature in a room, but that doesn’t mean they all have to look the same. Hotel waste disposal comes with many faces. There are actually quite a few beautiful waste receptacle options that can help hotels to provide great trash bins without compromising the beauty of a room’s aesthetic.

When selecting hotel trash cans based on design, you will want to consider the final room design before making a selection. For example, many hoteliers choose simple and unassuming trash bins that blend into the background for hotel rooms. However, for more public spaces, investing in a hotel trash bin that fits your decor and looks clean and tidy may be a more appropriate decision.


Durability is an important feature when selecting most products because it will ultimately determine how long they will last. Hoteliers that like to limit excess spending in their budget will want to seek out hotel trash bins that are durable and sturdy. Waste receptacles can vary in price, but what really determines their value is how long they will last with regular use. In order to provide adequate hotel waste management, trash bins must be built to last.

Choosing durable hotel trash bins is important for two primary reasons. The first is that durable garbage cans will be more likely to withstand the level of use associated with high-traffic spaces. The second is that durability can also influence where you can put certain trash bins. While some are only designed for indoor use, others can withstand the elements.


Most hotels serve a high volume of guests every day, and that means choosing features that cater to the waste management needs of all these guests. While a small hotel trash bin might be a great match for a private space, like a hotel room, it might not be a great match for more high-traffic spaces.

In many ways, choosing a hotel trash bin that cannot hold the volume of waste produced by guests is almost worse than having no trash bins available at all. A small, overflowing trash can is an eyesore and will influence how your guests perceive the work of your staff.

4 Hotel Trash Bins to Keep Hotel Properties Looking Great

Hoteliers need hotel trash bins that are up to the challenge of supporting guests. Fortunately, Hotel Warehouse has designed several beautiful and durable waste receptacles that are perfect for hotel spaces. Our designs blend the best of beauty and function to help keep your hotel property tidy, no matter how many guests you serve or what sort of environment your hotel is located in!

Desk-Side Resin Trash Can

Built for use behind desks for staff and inside hotel rooms, these classic hotel trash bins are a simple and affordable option for mild use. Available in two options—3-gallon and 7-gallon—our desk-side resin trash can is a standard option that can be very useful for supporting several needs around a hotel.

The desk-side resin trash can is available in a standard black color that is perfect for subtle waste disposal. Since it is a standard black trash bin, it effortlessly fits into most spaces, making it a wonderful option to support your needs.

Heavy-Duty Outdoor Trash Bin (Modern Design in Gray)

Our outdoor trash bins are versatile enough to be used both indoors and outdoors, thanks to their great design. Made using a sturdy build and neutral coloring, these trash bins are available in 30-gallon and 35-gallon options to support hotel waste management with ease.

With these minimalistic designs, you can add a touch of elegance to your hotel—even when it comes to managing trash. Each of these hotel trash bins is made with a simple icon on both sides that allows guests to know what the bin is for to ensure guest comfort.

For hoteliers looking for a lighter alternative, this bin is also available in light gray designs in the same sizes.

Heavy-Duty Outdoor Trash Bin (Modern Design in Brown)

For hoteliers looking to create a more natural feel, this is a great choice. Made with a stunning wood-inspired appearance, this is a great outdoor trash bin for use in outdoor spaces or luxury hotel experiences with a more natural aesthetic. You can receive this design in both 30-gallon and 35-gallon options to dress up any part of your property!

Unique Outdoor Trash Bin

Some hoteliers prefer more fashionable options to blend with their decor, and the unique outdoor trash bin was made to offer exactly that. Offering the same heavy-duty features as our other outdoor hotel waste management designs, this gorgeous trash bin has a metal exterior that has been decorated with an appealing, minimalistic design. Its gray appearance blends well into most spaces, making it easy to store anywhere. This trash bin can also be found in 30 and 35-gallon options.

Manage Waste and Keep Your Hotel Looking Great!

A hotel’s first impression can make or break a guest’s experience, and few things will put guests off more than visible trash. With the Hotel Warehouse hospitality trash bin collection, you can feel confident knowing that your property will be clean and look great during any season of the year. Explore our collection today to find the perfect trash bins for your hotel!

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Keeping your hotel property looking great means giving guests an easy way to dispose of waste. Learn how to find the best trash bins at Hotel Warehouse!


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