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Choosing the Right Ceiling/Table Lights to Complete Your Room’s Design

May 21, 2023 | Blog | 0 comments

Lights can bring a new look to any room’s design–learn how to choose the right lights for each space.

The decor of a room will influence whether it looks hip and modern or classy and traditional. Furniture, flooring, and accessories all come together to give a room an overall design. However, there is one specific feature that can help to pull the theme of a room together–lighting.

Ceiling lights are standard room features, but the lights in this category are anything but boring. These lights are available in many different styles, colors, and shapes to help place a finishing touch on any room. From a vintage gold chandelier to globe pendant light fixtures, the world of lighting is vast and here to help you complete the design of any room. In this article, we will explore how you can choose ceiling lights to complete the design of any space.

How to Choose Stylish Ceiling Lights for Your Design

Although ceiling lights can seem like a small background feature in a room, that actually isn’t true. By nature, we will look to lights as a focal point when we enter any room. This means that the lights you choose are going to get a lot of attention, so they need to match the decor. With these common considerations, you can choose ceiling lights to elevate every room of your home, restaurant, or hotel.

Ask Yourself What You Hope to Accomplish With Each Light

Before you start shopping for ceiling lights to finish the design of a room, you want to ask yourself what you really hope to accomplish with them. Are you looking for a simple light to add a pleasant glow to a room? Do you want a type of light that stands out as a statement, like a high-ceiling crystal chandelier?

Considering how you want to use these lights can help you to narrow down your list of options and make it much easier to find what you are looking for. While you can certainly choose a light just because it lights up a room, lights are highly versatile–especially ceiling lights. These lights can be both functional and support your room’s aesthetic at the same time.

Know the Theme of the Room

When selecting ceiling lights for each room’s design, it helps to really consider the theme of the room where you will be installing the light. This will help you to choose stylish ceiling lights that fit well with the room and enhance it rather than just fitting into it. Do you want modern art light fixtures or antique brass lights? The room’s theme can help you decide!

The theme of the room will often determine what kind of lights you will be able to add to a space. For a modern room, you will probably want modern lights to match. The same is true with traditional rooms or rooms with very specific themes, like sailing. While you can certainly mix and match ceiling lights to create a unique visual effect, you should still know your theme to manage this correctly.

Support Your Color Scheme

Color scheme influences the ceiling lights you choose in two ways. The first is by the coloring of the ceiling light fixture itself. You will want to consider the color scheme and what color of lighting fixture will fit into the overall design. Lights can be used to blend right in or to create balance in the color scheme. There can be a big difference between a modern black light fixture and an all-black chandelier when it comes to color, so keep these subtle differences in mind while shopping.

The other primary consideration with the color scheme is the color of the light itself. While sometimes the color of a light is as simple as changing a lightbulb, that isn’t always the case. The color of the light can have a big impact on the color scheme in a room, making colors look entirely different, so it should be chosen with care. Ask yourself if you want warm or cool lighting in each space.

Consider Size

Ceiling lights come in all shapes and sizes, varying from silver and gold pendant lights all the way to galaxy ceiling lights. The size of these lights will also impact the room and will determine how much attention the light gets in many cases.

There are three main considerations when selecting the right size for a ceiling light. The first is simply how much physical space the ceiling light can comfortably occupy. The next is the amount of space you want it to occupy in the design. As a final consideration, ask yourself how many lights you plan to fit into each space. Ultimately, the number of lights can impact how large they can be.

Ceiling Lights by Hotel Warehouse to Create Stunning Rooms

At Hotel Warehouse, we know that hotel and restaurant owners want stylish ceiling lights that make an impact–and we are happy to provide them. We offer a wide variety of lights that can fit into countless designs, with options to suit everyone’s preferences. Our lights can work as a final touch for any room, hotel space, or dining area.

Hotel Table Lamp

For a simple and understated fixture that offers great lighting, these slim lights are a wonderful match. These fit well in guest rooms, bathrooms, and employee spaces–but they can realistically fit into any room. Perfect for blending into the background of any decor, you can use them for elegant bathroom lighting or just to make it easier to navigate your hallways.

VANDER Life 72W LED Ceiling Lamp

Modern decor is here to make a statement, and this light was made to match. Offering vibrant glowing rings that are equally eye-catching and appealing, this is a great match for modern spaces and will bring plenty of light to every room you place them in.

Modern LED Ring Chandelier with Remote Control

If you are looking for a ceiling light chandelier, modern decor blends well when matched with a fresh new style. Whether you want a shining light for your home kitchen or you want to create a stunning display in your hotel lobby, these lights are a perfect minimalist match. Made to offer a beautiful gold design that is simple and elegant, this modern wheel chandelier can be controlled with an easy-to-use remote control.

Radiate Elegance 10-Head Handcrafted Italian Marble and Copper Ceiling Light

Many hotels have a classic and traditional look that makes guests feel welcomed into a different era. Fortunately, our stunning Italian marble light fixtures are a perfect addition to spaces that are designed with classic beauty in mind. Blending together handcrafted Italian marble with a traditional design, these stylish ceiling lights last long and look great!

Shine a Light on Your Incredible Room Designs with Hotel Warehouse!

Lighting has a strong influence on the way we perceive a room, which means selecting the right ones is a very important task. At Hotel Warehouse, we make it easy for you to choose ceiling lights that will enhance your rooms and provide the perfect level of light for each aesthetic. Explore our collection of ceiling lights to find the best options for your guests today!


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