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Common Myths About Hotel Bedding Debunked

Jun 6, 2022 | Blog | 0 comments

At Hotel Warehouse, we understand that you want the best possible experience for your hotel guests. This is why we sell the best hotel bedding and accessories so that your guests can find the comfort they deserve. When it comes to buying bed sheets online, there are a lot of common myths associated with bedding, and we are here to debunk them. Read on to find out more and contact us today to inquire about our services!

A clean hotel room

A Higher Thread Count Means Better Quality Bedding

Thread count refers to the number of horizontal and vertical threads present in a square inch of woven fabric. When it comes to the best hotel bedding, a higher thread count is often associated with a higher quality product. Although this idea has some truth to it, for the most part, a higher quality thread count does not always mean higher quality bedding, as numerous factors such as fiber content, fiber processing, and certifications all come into play when determining quality.

Modern hotel room

All Types Of Cotton Are The Same

Due to the simple fact that there are numerous types of cotton, not all cotton is the same. Some types of cotton are higher quality than others, as they provide a great feel to those who lie within them. When using our hotel sheets direct service, you are sure to receive bedding made from comfortable cotton for all of your hotel guests to enjoy!

Breakfast tray on white hotel bedding

Firm Mattresses Are Better For A Bad Back

When it comes to the stiffness of a mattress, it is usually up to personal preference as to what may feel best on somebodies back. That said, a firmer mattress is still often associated with being best for a bad back, but this is simply not the case. The best support for your back comes from a mattress with both firm and soft qualities, something we offer at Hotel Warehouse!

Close up of white hotel bed

The Heavier Your Duvet Is, The Warmer It Is

When it comes to a duvet, warmth comes from its filling, not its weight. A duvet with a higher quality filling, that is light in weight, often provides greater warmth and comfort than a heavier duvet with subpar filling.

No matter the comfort, style, and quality you are in search of, at Hotel Warehouse we offer the best hotel bedding and accessories on the market. Whether you want to buy sheets online or are in need of better hotel linens, we are the team to work with. Visit our website and view our available sheet collections today!


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