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Everything You Need To Know About Rollaway Beds in Hotels

Apr 24, 2024 | Blog | 0 comments

Ensuring a comfortable and flexible stay for guests is a top priority for hotel management. This commitment often translates into offering supplementary services, and among the most sought-after options is the inclusion of rollaway beds. We’re here to explore everything you need to know about rollaway beds in hotels that will help you improve your service to your guests.

Rollaway Beds in the Hospitality Industry

Rollaway beds, also known as fold-up or collapsible beds, have been a staple in the hospitality industry for decades. They provide a quick and convenient way to accommodate additional guests in a room without the need for major renovations that grow the space.

Historically, rollaway beds were cost-effective solutions for hotels seeking to increase their accommodations without expanding. Over time, the evolution of rollaway beds had a substantial uptick in design, addressing a wider spectrum of guest needs and comfort expectations. Today, these beds are a valued part of the guest room amenity portfolio, offering pragmatic solutions for various guest scenarios.

Types of Rollaway Beds Available

There are several types of rollaway beds you may buy for your hotel, each tailored to different needs and budgets. The standard rollaway bed is the most common option, offering basic comfort and mobility. These basic options provide a sturdy bed frame and a mattress that ensures a good night’s rest but may not provide maximum comfort compared to higher-tier options.

Deluxe models provide enhanced comfort features, such as memory foam mattresses and reinforced frames, appealing to guests willing to pay for a superior experience. Heavy-duty rollaway beds withstand more frequent and intensive use and are suitable for hotels anticipating high demand for extra beds. When determining the best type for your hotel, consider factors such as expected guest usage, mattress quality, ease of use, and available storage space.

The Benefits of Offering Rollaway Beds

Implementing rollaway beds in your hotel has numerous advantages for customers and the establishment. They significantly improve guest satisfaction by providing a comfortable and flexible sleeping arrangement.

This flexibility caters to families and large groups, increasing clientele. Additionally, rollaway beds offer cost-effective solutions for guests who might otherwise look for alternative accommodations.

Understanding the Legal and Safety Regulations

The hospitality industry is heavily regulated, and the usage of rollaway beds is subject to various legal and safety standards. It’s important to ensure that the rollaway beds you provide comply with regulations to prevent liability issues arising from accidents or injuries.

Safety regulations often include bed stability requirements, mattress flame resistance, and ergonomics to minimize the risk of guest injuries. Keeping abreast of changes in laws and standards protects your business and your guests, ensuring a smooth and trouble-free operation.

Space Management and Storage Solutions

One of the main challenges associated with rollaway beds is space management, especially in smaller hotels or those with limited storage space. Efficient storage practices are essential to utilize space effectively and maintain smooth operations.

Innovative storage solutions such as wall-mounted racks or under-bed storage significantly optimize the space in your storage areas. Stacking or nesting features with rollaway beds are beneficial, allowing you to store more beds in a smaller space.

Selecting the Right Rollaway Bed for Your Hotel

When selecting the best rollaway bed for your hotel, consider the size of the room, the expected frequency of use, the quality of the bed, and your budget. Durability and comfort are key considerations, as you want a bed that will withstand regular use and provide your guests with a good night’s sleep.

It is equally important to balance cost and quality, as investing in a durable and comfortable rollaway bed leads to better long-term guest satisfaction and cost savings. Look into Hotel Warehouse’s stock of hotel rollaway beds for reliable products that are sure to improve your hotel rooms.

Maintenance and Care of Rollaway Beds

Regular maintenance and care are imperative to ensure the longevity and safety of your rollaway beds. Develop a maintenance schedule that addresses issues such as frame integrity, mattress condition, and caster mobility.

Cleanliness is essential; you should implement robust cleaning protocols to maintain hygiene. Regular vacuuming, fabric steam-cleaning, and antimicrobial treatments keep the rollaway beds clean and free from allergens and pathogens.

Training Staff on Proper Use and Safety

Proper training is key to guaranteeing the safe and efficient use of rollaway beds in your hotel. Staff should be familiar with setup procedures, safety precautions, and proper storage techniques, especially in housekeeping and front desk roles.

Interactive training modules, hands-on workshops, and regular refresher courses ensure your staff is well-prepared to handle rollaway beds. Investing in staff education will protect your guests and your hotel’s reputation.

Pricing Strategies for Rollaway Bed Services

Deciding on whether to charge for rollaway beds is an important business decision. While some hotels include them as part of the room rate to attract guests, others charge an additional fee to cover the cost and potential maintenance associated with extra bedding.

Examine guest feedback and assess the demand for rollaway beds to determine your hotel’s most effective pricing strategy. Adjust your rates based on seasons, events, and other economic indicators to maximize profitability.

Marketing Rollaway Beds To Enhance Bookings

Incorporate the availability of rollaway beds into your hotel’s marketing materials to attract guests looking for added comfort and flexibility. Highlight these additional beds’ space-saving features, comfort, and convenience.

Use rollaway beds as a unique selling proposition (USP) for your hotel, especially for families and groups. Showcase them in your room photographs, include them in room descriptions, and promote related package deals to strengthen your marketing efforts.

Guest Feedback and Continuous Improvement

Solicit feedback from guests about their experience with rollaway beds, paying close attention to any recurring themes or issues. Analyze this input to identify areas for improvement and make necessary adjustments to your rollaway bed offerings.

Continuous improvement is vital in the hotel industry, and the insights gained from guest feedback guide you in making strategic decisions. Whether upgrading to a more comfortable mattress or addressing storage solutions, the goal is to provide the best possible experience for your guests.

By understanding everything you need to know about rollaway beds in hotels, you’ll optimize your services to meet and exceed guest expectations. These beds play a complex and critical role in the success of your hotel, offering more than just a place to sleep. Instead, they provide a gateway to enhanced reputation, customer loyalty, and increased profitability. Use rollaway beds to increase guest loyalty, create stronger bookings, and provide a competitive edge in the hospitality market.

Everything You Need To Know About Rollaway Beds in Hotels

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