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Hotel Luggage Carts: Care, Convenience, and Comfort in Hotels

Jun 16, 2023 | Blog | 0 comments

Every hotel should have luggage carts to enhance the guest experience—learn what you need to know.

Hoteliers know that the real guest experience is often defined by some of the smallest details. Little conveniences here and there can take a guest’s stay from a simple visit to a relaxing and refreshing getaway. Whether a family is looking for a place to stay while visiting relatives or you are hosting a group of business leaders, there is one universally-appreciated hotel feature—hotel luggage carts.

In this article, we will take a look at what luggage carts bring to your guest experience.

What is a Luggage Cart?

A luggage cart, sometimes referred to as a hotel dolly or bellman cart, is a type of cart that is designed specifically to hold luggage of various shapes and sizes. Made for easy transportation, these carts move on wheels and often provide external frames that keep luggage carefully stacked on the cart.

For hotels, luggage carts offer one more addition to the guest experience. As guests check in or out, luggage carts can be used to effortlessly transport their luggage to their room or vehicle. This convenient option is a relief for guests when they arrive and can help them to leave feeling well-cared for by your hotel staff.

Why Are Luggage Carts Necessary?

Even if you don’t use them for every guest, many hotels have luggage carts on hand in case they need them. These convenient transportation devices are perfect for a wide variety of circumstances and can help your hotel to leave a positive impression on anyone who stays with you.

Let’s discuss some of the top benefits that come with the use of luggage carts.

Safer Transportation for Luggage

Even though luggage is designed to conveniently transport clothing and personal items, it isn’t always convenient to move around. For the average traveler, their luggage is a cumbersome inconvenience that they are constantly grappling with on their trip—but a hotel dolly can help with this inside any hotel.

With a luggage cart, hotels can help their guests safely transport their luggage to and from their rooms. This minimizes the chance of falling, tripping, and damaging luggage. Instead, an entire family can relax while their luggage is moved for them.

A Better Guest Experience

Guests thrive when hotels offer them greater convenience, and hotel luggage carts are one convenience that has been used for generations. When guests arrive, and your staff immediately moves to take their luggage and transport it for them, guests can focus on checking in and other arrival essentials without having to worry about transporting their own luggage.

Improved Staff Support

Luggage carts help guests, but they are also a tool that can support your staff experience too. With luggage carts, transporting luggage becomes much easier than having staff move these items individually. In addition to making their jobs easier, Hotel Dollys also give staff a safer way to meet the needs of your guests too.

Better Accessibility

There are many guests who will not be able to comfortably or safely navigate getting their own luggage to their rooms. In fact, hotel luggage carts are a big consideration when it comes to offering better accessibility for guests. Offering luggage carts as an option can support pregnant mothers or parents of small children, senior citizens, or anyone with physical limitations or mobility issues.

Luggage Carts and Accessories by Hotel Warehouse

Making sure that your hotel has great luggage carts that will meet guest needs is much easier than you might believe. All you need is the right equipment on hand—and it isn’t even complicated! At Hotel Warehouse, we provide everything you need to support your guests with high-quality and reliable hotel luggage carts.

Hotel Warehouse Luggage Cart Heavy-Duty Built with 6-Inch Solid Wheels

At Hotel Warehouse, our luggage carts are designed to offer a sturdy solution for daily hotel operations. Available in both chrome and gold, depending on the decor of your hotel, our luggage carts are made with a stainless steel frame as well as a red carpet to provide a soft surface for luggage to rest.

Titanium Hotel Luggage Trolley

This classic and simple design fits effortlessly into most hotel decor and can be used for a variety of purposes. With a sturdy titanium build, this trolley is a simple solution that offers a smooth ride for your guest’s luggage.

Hotel Cart Luggage Trolley HW533320

For some hotels, a simple and understated trolley is the best option. With this durable hotel dolly, you receive powder-coated gray metal that is appealing to the eye and friendly for all color schemes. Lightweight and easy to use, this trolley is great for supporting your guests!

Hotel Stainless Steel Luggage Cart Moving Trolley Heavy-Duty

Pairing a stainless steel design with a satin nickel finish, this beautiful trolley offers a stylish look that hotel guests love. The stainless steel frame and handles are coated with anti-fingerprint protection to allow this luggage cart to stay clean and look great no matter how many guests arrive to stay with you.

6-Inch Aluminum Hub Swivel and Rigid Caster Pneumatic Wheel

This 4-piece set of wheels is a perfect item to have on hand to keep your hotel luggage carts fully operational. With regular use or following an accident, luggage cart wheels may become damaged. Keeping extras on hand is a wonderful way to keep all of your luggage carts on the move.

Start Supporting Your Guests with Hotel Warehouse

Your guests want a premium experience, and our team at Hotel Warehouse is here to help you make it possible. With high-end hotel luggage carts that are built to last and fit well into the decor of your hotel, we make it easy for you to support your guests and your staff too. To learn more about how our luggage carts keep guests happy, contact our team today!


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