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How Hotel Warehouse is Making Hotels Better with Queen Suites Products

Dec 4, 2021 | Blog | 0 comments

Hotel Warehouse is a leader in hospitality products known for their wide range of goods that are aimed at providing a better guest experience. In order for a hotel to provide the best possible stay for their guests, it is important to have the right products. Guests rely on hotel essentials to help make their hotel stay a comfortable experience. Knowing this, Hotel Warehouse offers luxury brands that are made to improve hotels and restaurants around the world.


Hotel Warehouse: Providing a Better Stay


The hospitality industry is all about creating a sense of care and convenience for guests. Hotel Warehouse was formed as an easy way for hotel owners to access a variety of incredible products that are all focused on making a guest’s time away from home more pleasant.


In the Hotel Warehouse marketplace, finding high-end products that are designed to provide the best possible experience is easy. Bringing together products for hotels, restaurants, and even home guest rooms, this group connects leading hospitality brands with the accessories that they need to impress guests. With everything from bedding to kitchen cutlery, Hotel Warehouse gives brands the right tools to guarantee that 5-star experience for every single guest.


Featured Queen Suites Products


Queen Suites is a luxury hotel brand that provides valuable accessories aimed at creating that perfect sense of comfort for guests during their stay. Known for their many offerings, this brand can instantly upgrade any hotel room with modern accessories that guests will love. These featured products make it easy for guests to experience the luxuries of home no matter where they stay.


How Hotel Warehouse is Making Hotels Better with Queen Suites Products


Wall-Mounted Hair Dryers


Hair dryers can take up a significant amount of space in luggage, which is why so many travelers choose to leave theirs at home and opt to use a hotel hair dryer instead. Unfortunately, several hotel hair dryers provide a low wattage that can take a significant amount of time to dry hair, which can be frustrating for guests. Seeing a need for stronger devices, Queen Suites created their 1200W wall mount hair dryers to provide a premium experience for travelers. Available in both traditional and professional models, these hairdryers make styling hair in a hotel bathroom quick and easy.


Alarm Clocks


The Queen Suites alarm clocks line offers two primary models: their classic digital alarm clock and the new K11 Bluetooth Alarm Clock. Each of their clocks is fitted with Bluetooth technology designed to allow guests to play their own music from accompanying devices—but they also offer a radio option for those who are looking to listen to local stations. The K11 model takes it one step further by offering USB ports for easy connection and charging that will accommodate a variety of devices.


The Takeaway


Hotel Warehouse only works with the best vendors, and Queen Suites has proven a shared commitment to providing that perfect guest experience. Any hotel looking to upgrade their rooms with the accessories that guests know and love will benefit from exploring these products to learn more about how they can help guests feel content during their stay whether they are traveling for business or visiting relatives. Your guests deserve the best, and these products can help make it possible!


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