45 Gallon Star Seal Canliner, 12 Mic Low Density Trash Bags 250pc/Case 40″ x 48 inch

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45 gal Contractor Trash Bags, LDPE, 40x48inch, 1.5mil, 10 Pcs x 10 Block



Color                                                              Black

Size                                                                40 x 48

Capacity                                                        45 Gallons

Thickness                                                     12 Mic

Recommended Uses For Product              Garbage Bags

Unit Counts                                                   250


About this item

  • BEST LOW DENSITY CAN LINER This Black Can liner is made with recycled plastics and resin making it environmental friendly this bag is stretchable can occupy space according to need has great thickness and safe bottom
  • STRETCHABLE: This low density can liner is specially made stretchable so it can easily occupy space according to the amount of mass holding Now no-matter the greater volume this bag will never tear.
  • ENVIRONMENTAL FRIENDLY: When purchasing this can liner you are incorporating green initiatives to your into your environment because it is made with recycled plastics and resins. Now you are keeping your environment clean and organized while also committing to the a safety environment
  • STAR SEALED BOTTOM: We apply a special technique to the bottom of our can liner which is folding the bottom of the can liner over several times and then sealing it safely. This adds special durability this allows the liner to conform to the shape of the trash can, virtually eliminating leaks.
  • LOW-DENSITY: Since these bags are made form resigns it offers the can liner super resistance puncturing and tearing because of that they stretch more easily then high density bags. This bag has a 1.5 mil thickness making it a suitable for heavy, sharp trash.




We put hard struggle when preparing our trash bags designed with the economical 45 gallon medium black trash bag is the just solution to all your waste management duties and needs. This can liner is perfect to be used for bars, catered events and kitchen. It gives all the benefits than a low traditional liner. with its environmental friendly features so you can save your money and your environment. It is time to go smart and green. For added durability, this trash bag features a star-sealed bottom. The most common seal in the industry, star seals are manufactured by folding the bottom of the trash can liner over several times and then sealing it. This allows the liner to conform to the shape of the trash can, virtually eliminating leaks.

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