Household Essentials Collapsible Space Saving Tabletop Ironing Board with Folding Legs | Blue

Ironing Board

-Counter Top design
-100% cotton cover with foam pad
-Steel legs fold flat for easy storage
-Ironing surface L30″xW12″

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About This Item

Experts in Ironing

We bring our expertise to the table, so you can iron better--and faster.

For pressed looks in small spaces, it's tabletop ironing boards. These space-saving boards fit behind doors, under beds, and in closets! Perfect for dorms, college students, bedrooms, and closets. Small boards make a big impact, without taking up a lot of space.

The right ironing surface

The steel mesh top is the best surface for steam ironing. The steel mesh lets the steam push through clothing and the board for powerful wrinkle-release.

Presswood (or wood) surfaces are great for fast pressing. These surfaces hold up well, are lightweight and easy to carry, and travel easily. They hold up to occasional steam. Replacement cover available.

Replacement cover available

Tabletop boards come with the cover & pad already installed. Covers are cotton with a fiber pad sewn in.

This blue silicone replacement cover fits when it is time to replace the cover and pad, too.

Easy storage

Tabletop boards set up on tables--or the floor, on top of the washing machine, etc.

And they store almost anywhere. These small boards slide under beds and inside closets.