100005 Siphonic Closed-Couched Closet Toilet White



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100005 Siphonic Toilet White

100005 Siphonic Closed-Couched Closet Toilet White Consistency and reliability, those are the two words you want associated with the toilet fixtures you have in your home. Day in and day out you rely upon them to their job and that's just what siphonic closed couched closet toilet fixtures does. From a brand you can trust, comes a reliably consistent toilet fixture that will last a lifetime. this toilets are UPC certified. The quality is evident in every aspect from commitment to environmental causes, to the quality sustainable materials used; you can be assured that you are getting a premium product at an affordable price. Siphonic Closed-Couched Closet Toilet UPC Certified S-trap Rough In: 12" or 305mm Size: 27.95" x 14.57" x 30.12" or 710mm x 370mm x 765mm Color: White Includes toilet seat, toilet lid and wax toilet bowl gasket

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Weight 30 lbs
Dimensions 30 × 20 × 20 in