Nelson Wood Shims Nelson Wood Pine Shims Pro Pak 120 Premium Shims

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About this item

  • HIGH PERFORMANCE: Our shims have thin-feathered tips, making them easy for use. We pride ourselves in keeping a clean, consistent, and dependable quality among all of our products. Throughout the manufacturing process, we hand-sort our shims to ensure that there are 100% useable shims.
  • NATURAL WOOD: We have no chemicals, additives, fumigation, or treatment added to any of our products.
  • PACKAGING: Our cartons keep shims organized and stored between uses, so you don’t have to worry about the shims being damaged or misplaced.
  • BULK PACK: For larger projects and frequent users, we offer a bulk pack of our product.
  • 100% KILN DRIED: As a consumer, you shouldn’t have to worry about molding or rotting. Hence, keeping our products kiln dried prevents this exact thing from happening.


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