Superior Bronze Flowing – Quart/Gallon

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About this item

Superior BRONZE Flowing is a polyester stone adhesive providing superior quality and is economically priced to reduce your overall material costs. This adhesive provide extremely strong bonding with a fast cure time. BRONZE is ideal for rodding, seaming, and laminating porous natural stones. This adhesive can be easily colored with Superior Coloring Pastes.

This adhesive comes with a (4 Oz) Polyester Hardener.
Instructions For Use:

To achive the best results, the contact surfaces must be throughly cleaned and dried. Before adding the hardener, the resin may be tinted with SUperior Coloring Paste or iron oxide pigments to match the color of the stone. Then, thoroughly mix with 1%-2% of the white paste hardener (BPO) by weight. At a temperature of 70°F, the mixture stays workable for 4-6 minutes. Higher temperatures shorten the working time and lower tempratures extend the working time. After 20-30 minutes the adhesive is fully cured and work can continue with the stone.

For indoor use only.

Size: Quart or 1.25 Gallon


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Weight 2.0 lbs

Quart, Gallon