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About this product

  • Exclusive water-based fluoropolymer nano‐technology
  • Use with granite, marble, quartzite, travertine, limestone, quartz and much more!
  • Allows for easier cleaning
  • Ultimate penetrating protection against staining
  • Interior and Exterior applications
  • Will not change the appearance of the stone
  • Clear liquid, fresh scent, easy to use
  • Water‐Based
  • VOC Compliant

COVERAGE Low Porosity – 1200-1600 (sq.ft. per gal) – Ex: granite, quartzite, engineered quartz Medium Porosity – 1000-1200 (sq.ft. per gal) – Ex: slate, onyx, soapstone High Porosity – 800-1000 (sq. ft. per gal) – Ex: marble, limestone, travertine Coverage numbers are estimates only and may vary due to stone porosity and surface polish.  2nd application covers approximately double the 1st.  Always pre-test product in an inconspicuous area to determine desire results.

1. Read the Safety Data Sheet (SDS) completely before use.
2. Apply ZERO-Ultimate Stone Protector with a spray bottle (recommended) or a low-pressure sprayer (25 psi max)
3. Allow sealer to soak into your stone surface for 20-30 minutes.
4. Some stone surfaces are more porous than others. If the sealer penetrates within 15 minutes, multiple applications are necessary. Repeat this process until your stone remains “wet” after 30 minutes.
5. If your stone surface is still “wet” after 30 minutes, remove excess sealer with a dry cloth or towel.
6. Though unlikely, if a light haze or residue remains after drying, it may be removed by moistening a clean towel or cloth with sealer and gently wiping the surface clean.
7. For maximum stain protection, allow 24 hours for complete curing. During this curing process, keep surface free of all potential staining materials.
8. No two stone surfaces are alike. When properly applied, ZERO-Ultimate Stone Protector protects for several years; but some heavy use areas can benefit from multiple applications throughout the year.


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