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Spanish Marble Lights VS Regular Lights for Luxury Homes and the Hospitality Industry

Apr 6, 2023 | Blog | 0 comments

Good lighting is the key to creating a warm and inviting space, which is a main area of focus for most businesses in the hospitality industry. Hospitality businesses want customers to feel welcome and inspired during their visits, making it more important than ever to find exceptional lighting for guest spaces. In this article, we will discuss how marble lights can enhance a room’s aesthetic and lead to a more favorable guest experience!

What is a Spanish Marble Light?

Spanish marble is a specific type of marble that is sourced from locations in Spain. Available in different varieties, this all-natural material can provide a beautiful look that enhances other surfaces and accessories in a restaurant, hotel lounge, or even private suite. Spanish marble lights are lights that are made using Spanish marble as a primary material.

There are many different Spanish marble lights available to the hospitality industry, each with its own beautiful style. These lights can vary in size, color, and shape depending on their design. You can find pendant lights, chandelier lights, and standard ceiling lights made using Spanish marble. Even the modern LED light can be fitted with a Spanish marble casing to turn a simple light into a work of art.

These lights look just as great in a hotel or restaurant as they do in a home!

How is Spanish Marble Made?

With its blend of varying colors, Spanish marble is a natural marvel. Marble itself is a type of metamorphic rock, which means that it is formed out in nature. However, these materials can be treated, processed, cut, and sculpted to create the stunning luxury items you can find in beautiful homes and captivating public spaces.

Spanish marble is extracted from a chosen location, then managed by the manufacturer in order to turn the natural materials into a refined work of art that can be fitted to each project type. Many Spanish marble lights are also handcrafted lights, making each one a unique celebration of nature and human design.

The main difference between Spanish marble lights and other types of lights is often the presence of Spanish marble as a material. While a Spanish marble light will rarely exclusively be made using Spanish marble, you will absolutely notice if a light is made using this material.

While other popular lights are made with a wide variety of materials—metal, glass, synthetics, and more—Spanish marble lights are often designed around the presence of Spanish marble. With its beauty and versatility, these lights stand apart from the rest in both appearance and durability.

The Benefits of Spanish Marble Lights

There are many reasons that you might choose to include Spanish marble lights in your home or in your business. These gorgeous lights are a welcome addition to many different spaces and can be chosen to match different aesthetics.

Made with the power of nature and designed with the artistic capabilities of talented creators, Spanish marble lights—and other popular marble light options—can offer many exciting benefits. Let’s explore the four main reasons that people love these lights so much.

Beautiful Designs

Spanish marble’s popularity is not based on its convenience. The primary reason that people choose these Spanish marble light fixtures is because of the beauty that they offer. Formed in nature, the material of these lights can come in many different designs, patterns, and even colors. People simply cannot help but marvel at the beauty these lights offer!

Incredible Durability

While most natural materials can be damaged, marble is a fairly strong material when it is sealed correctly. These natural masterpieces are often resistant to heat and even physical damage in many cases, which is why marble is commonly used for countertops.

The durability of Spanish marble lights is often even more impressive because these lights are seldom touched, with the exception of cleaning. While marble countertops might be exposed to common risks, Spanish marble lights are generally kept at a safe and elevated distance. This means that these lights can last for decades with regular care, making them a long-term investment that can be enjoyed time and time again.

A Natural Aesthetic

Manufactured materials have come a long way throughout the years, and synthetics are starting to copy the natural aesthetics that raw materials offer. However, there is simply no substitute for authentic natural materials.

Since marble is formed in nature when limestone is heated and squeezed, it has the actual fingerprint of nature in each design. The result is a truly stunning material that brings a natural appearance to any space. Whether you use marble as an accent in an otherwise modern room or as a part of a design combining other raw materials, like wood and other types of stone, it brings the beauty of nature into your home, hotel, or restaurant with ease.

Eco-Friendly Designs

More people and companies are taking an interest in sustainability, and marble is a sustainable choice when choosing materials. It is completely natural, which means it is also recyclable. Even better, since marble is known to last throughout the ages, investing in these designs allows you to invest for the long term rather than purchasing materials that are likely to degrade and require replacement later.

Dazzle Your Guests With Another Marble Option—Italian Marble Lights

Although Spanish marble is a popular option, more people are looking at the beauty offered by Italian marble lights—including our team at Hotel Warehouse. Inspired by the beautiful marble formed in select areas around Italy, we are happy to present our Handcrafted Italian Marble and Copper Ceiling Light in Warm White!

Our Italian marble light offers focal elegance with a 15-head design that fills the room with a pleasant warm white light. Perfect for walkways, dining areas, and even certain bedrooms or guest rooms, this timeless design showcases the natural beauty of Italian marble while serving a functional purpose. A stunning yet surprisingly neutral design, our Italian marble light fits well with many different styles and decor choices, whether you need chandelier lights or a ceiling light to bring the perfect glow to a room!


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