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Upgrade your outdoor waste management with 5 newly designed high-quality trash bins, perfect for any environment, from parks to commercial spaces

Mar 24, 2023 | Blog | 0 comments

Hotel Warehouse Trash Bins for Hotels, Restaurants, and Other Hospitality Spaces

Hospitality businesses want to provide the best experience for guests and customers, and that means maintaining all accessible spaces. Keeping an area clean is an important task for staff, but it can be much easier when you allow any visitors to manage their own needs when it comes to trash.

Having clearly designated and accessible trash bins is an excellent way to encourage good habits in guests. By providing these valuable resources, it is easy to cater to guests and keep spaces nice—even during busy seasons. Let’s explore the importance of trash bins and the models to buy for hospitality businesses this year.

Why Are Trash Bins Important for Hospitality Businesses?

Guest behavior isn’t always predictable—but sometimes it is. When visitors are not given an easy way to dispose of trash, more often than not, they will litter or abandon it. Unfortunately, this can create quite a bit of extra work for staff and degrade the quality of guest spaces.

Since the hospitality industry is built upon exceeding customer expectations and providing beautiful aesthetic spaces, having trash bins around the property is very important. It doesn’t matter if you offer a stainless steel trash bin or a standard plastic outdoor trash bin, guests will appreciate that it is there!

Beautiful Outdoor Trash Bins to Choose From

Maintaining a clean space that guests and customers can enjoy means providing the right tools to support the area. Trash bins can be selected based on where they belong, what they look like, or what sizes are available. Let’s explore some of today’s top designs by Hotel Warehouse.

Desk-Side Resin Trash Can

This classic open-top trash can is perfect for use with desks and covered outdoor spaces. Offering a simple and accessible design, this garbage can fits in offices, near hostess stands, and in hotel rooms. Durable and perfect for normal use with a few people, the desk-side resin trash can is a must-have in the hospitality industry.

This model is available in 5 gallon and 7 gallon designs to support different levels of trash.

Heavy-Duty Outdoor Trash Bin (Modern Design)

High-traffic areas can result in a significant amount of trash, which is why providing accessible trash cans for guests and customers is essential. These models are designed for indoor and outdoor use, offering a durable and sturdy design that is perfect for withstanding the elements. When made with a modern design, outdoor trash bins can look great and contribute to the overall design of a space.

This model is available in two gray models, offering support for 30 gallons and 35 gallons. It is also available in light brown models in both 30 and 35 gallons.

Unique Outdoor Trash Bin (Heavy-Duty Design)

A unique design can offer a better look that suits the elevated decor of your property. Hospitality businesses can delight visitors and maintain aesthetic standards by choosing heavy-duty commercial outdoor trash bins that have a unique design. Unique garbage cans are perfect for keeping hotels and restaurants looking great!

These trash bins are available in perforated models and standard models.

Explore Our New Hotel Warehouse Outdoor Trash Bin Models Today!

An outdoor garbage bin offers an easy way for guests to dispose of trash when they are navigating your property. Whether you are catering to the public when they pass by the area or you are providing a commercial outdoor trash bin for the comfort of your guests, garbage cans play an essential role in the hospitality industry every day!

Explore our collection of Hotel Warehouse outdoor trash bins today!


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